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Welcome to Anviksha Blood Bank

Anviksha has invested in the most sophisticated Blood Banking equipment and have highly qualified staff to run the Blood Bank.

Your single donation of 450 ml blood is separated into different components, benefiting as many as three patients.
Blood is made up of different components and, invariably, a patient needs a transfusion of just a particular component. Utilizing whole blood is wasteful, and sometimes even undesirable. It is now the standard practice of all modern blood banks to separate blood into components and ensure the optimum utilization of this precious resource.

Whole blood has cellular components comprising red blood corpuscles, white blood corpuscles, platelets suspended in plasma solution (liquid plasma consisting of water, electrolytes, albumin, globulin, coagulation factors and other proteins). It is needed when both red cells mass and total volume must be restored, as in massive hemorrhage… Read More